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ANNUAL Global Emergency
Care Conference

Global emergency care education

The Global Emergency Care Conference is an annual event designed to equip emergency care providers with the skills, resources and networks to become involved in the development of global emergency care, particularly in resource-limited settings.

The Conference brings together all types of clinicians and practitioners including nurses, doctors, paramedics, allied health clinicians, researchers, development specialists, educators and health administrators. Join us to learn more about global emergency care opportunities, and the experiences of experts in the field.

This year’s theme will explore the critical role of leadership in global emergency care development and delivery. Speakers will consider the key attributes of leaders in global emergency care settings and discuss models for supporting and fostering leadership in resource-limited contexts. Participants will hear from emerging emergency care leaders across the region, as well as experts with leadership experience in other fields of global health. Please join us to be part of the conversation and to further develop your own leadership potential.


To learn more about the Global Emergency Care Conference, please click on the following links:

If you’re passionate about Global Emergency Care and are considering further study in the field, Alfred Health in collaboration with Monash University offers a semester long unit based on Capacity Building in Global Emergency Care. Learn more about this course.

Celebrating 10 years of the Global Emergency Care Conference

In 2021, we celebrated 10 years of the Global Emergency Care Conference. A video retrospective of the last decade has been produced: