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Practice changing projects and programs


Kennedy-Smith E, Phillips L, Manivel V, Mitra B
Can Emergency Clinicians accurately diagnose Intra-uterine Pregnancy via Trans-abdominal Point of Care Ultrasound, for symptomatic patients in their first trimester?

Peleg A, Luckoff C, Chang C, Maclean P, Roney J, Spelman D, Jenney A, Heraud P, Wood B, Kochan K, Perez-Guaita D
Direct detection of blood stream infections from whole blood – pilot study exploring the utility of infrared spectroscopy in clinical practice.

Melvin R, Noonan M, Teague W, Quinn N, Ward G, Ong C, Krieser D
Is the mid-arm point a reliable guide for safe chest drain insertion in injured children?

Peel T, Ayton D, Cairns K, Liew S, McGiffin D, Myles P, Tsindos T, Lam HY, Li HZ, Ravindram G, Seneviratne J, Luckoff C, Roman C, Isherwood C, McGloughlin S, Udy A, Pillicano O, Nagi N
Observation of Clinical Decision-Making at The Alfred.

Farmer N, Thompson J, Lasslett S, Collett M, Lobb C
Identify the perceived barriers and challenges faced by emergency nurses in undertaking and leading research: A qualitative study.

Cloud G, Moore
CHARM study: Randomised, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, parallel-group, multicenter, phase 3 study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of intravenous BIIB093 (glibenclamide) for severe Cerebral Edema following Large Heispheric Infarction.

Pristupa K, Thompson J, Jones T, Morphet J
Emergency department (ED) resource use and ecstasy and related drug (ERD) use.

Cloud G, Moore A
Stopping haemorrhage with Tranexamic Acid for hyperacute Onset Presentation including Mobile Stroke Unit.

Peart P, Mitra B
Emergency department (ED) resource use and ecstasy and related drug (ERD) use.

Nevill A, Thompson J, Khanina
A How does a nurse’s triage assessment impact the goals of initial sepsis care within the emergency department (ED).

Turner L, O’Brien T
A 15-day, single-blind, placebo controlled food safety and tolerability study of AXA3359 in Adult subjects with mTBI.

Cloud G, Moore
A TASTE: Tenecteplase versus Alteplase for Stroke Thrombolysis Evaluation Trial.

Keijzers G, Macdonald S, Fraser J, Peake S, Delaney A, Arendts G, Taylor D, Harley A, Mitra B, Luckoff C
ARISE fluids: The Australasian Resuscitation In Sepsis Evaluation: FLUid or Vasopressors In Emergency Department Sepsis observational study.

Cloud G, Moore A
Tenectaplase versus alteplase before endovascular therapy for iscghemic stroke EXTEND 1A TNK 159/17.

Cloud G, Moore A
A multicentre, RCT of Exenatide versus standard care in Acute Ischaemic Stroke (TEXAIS).

Brichko L, Mitra B, Luckoff C, O’Reilly G, Cameron P, Roman C
The RAMPED Study: Rapid Administration of Methoxyflurane to patients in ED (RAMPED) Study: A Randomised controlled trial of Methoxyflurane vs Standard care.

Beck B
Identifying the key factors in pedestrian collisions.

Udy A, Young M
TTM2: Targeted hypothermia versus Normothermia after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: An RCT.

Nichol A, Young M
The TAME Study: Targeted therpautic mild hypercapnia after resuscitated cardiac arrest: A phase III multicentre RCT.

Ayton D, Peel T, Peleg A, Bass P, Parker S
Patient and healthcare worker experiences and perspectives of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE).

Carter A, Medcalf R, Draxler D, Jithoo R, Hunn M, Mitra B, Gantner D
BIOCaB study: Biomarkers in CSF and blood in sTBI patients.

Mitra B, Braitberg G, Gerdtz M, Knott J, Yap C, Daniel C
SPIT-T: Screening for prevalence of illicit toxins in ED Trauma.

Mitra B, Abetz J, Cameron P, Smith K, Jennings P
RAPID: Streaming by Paramedics in ED.

Olaussen A, Rosenfeld J, Wilmott C, Watterson J, Surendran N
BIOBiT II Study: Diagnosis and followup of concussion after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.

Fitzgerald M, St Clair T, Olaussen A, Meadley B
Pre-hospital finger thoracostomy.

Mitra B
Propofol for Migraine Treatment in Emergency Department (ProMTED study).

Cameron P
Reduction of oxygen after cardiac arrest (EXACT): The EXACT study.

Mitra B, Elmenyar E, Mercier E, Liew S, Mathew J, Varma D, Fitzgerald M, Thani HA, Cameron P
Australian Thoracic and Lumbar Spine (ATLAS) Study: Pilot study.

Bernard S, Mitra B, Gruen R, Medcalf R, Reade M, Tran H, Forbes A, Myles P, Fitzgerald M, Stephen R, Burns B, Smith T, Christey G, Balogh Z, Pitt V, Murray L, Kaukonen M, Mazur S, Carney R, Muecke S, Baker AM, McArthur C, Swain A, Young P, Bailey M, Johnston-Leek M, Gantner D, Board J
The PATCH Study: Pre-hospital Anti-fibrinolytics for Traumatic Coagulopathy and Haemorrhage.

Cameron P
Monitoring and evaluation of the Victorian State Trauma System – Victorian State Trauma Registry.

Clare S, Tee J, Mitra B
Time to decompression of T/L vertebral fractures.

Walsh, Mitra, O’Keeffe
TXA in Ireland.

Roman C, Mitra B, Dooley M
Clinical pharmacist intervention in sepsis.

Roman C, Mitra B, Dooley M
Clinical pharmacist intervention in thrombolysis for acute stroke.

Roman C, Mitra B, Dooley M
Clinical pharmacist intervention during trauma resuscitation- a randomised controlled trial.