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Rural Urgent Care Nursing Program

Q: How can a RUCN-CDP Clinical Nurse Educator support me in completing these modules?

A: Our Clinical Nurse Educators will be available to support the learner during business hours.  If you have a clinical question or anything relating to this module please feel free to fill out the form on the education and training page and we will endeavour to answer your question within 24 hours.  Please note, the clinical nurse educator can not give medical advice regarding a specific patient, the advice given is for learning purposes only. 

Q: Do these COVID-19 modules replace the DHHS COVID-19 infection control training?

A: No, the DOH has released this training for all health services, the RUCN-CDP COVID-19 modules will complement this training and have been written specifically for the UCC environment.

If you have a question regarding the RUCN-CDP, please contact our team here.