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RUCN Resources

Rural Urgent Care Nursing Program

Below are a number of useful clinical resources for UCCs created by the RUCN Nurse Education team:
RUCN Hot Topic Brief – October 2022

Flooding: considerations for UCCs

Many studies have been published examining the effect of flooding on populations including the immediate and long-term effects. There are implications for emergency services including rural UCCs before, during and after the flood during clean-up that will be seen for at least 4 weeks but may last for several months. These implications are related to: Exposure to flood waters / increased moisture; interaction with unstable environments and structures; interruption to medicines and healthcare, contamination of drinking water, food supply disruption, evacuation and displacement and mental stress.

Click on the image to download the PDF and feel free to share, print and display this in your UCC.

* Additional resources will be added as they become available.