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Rural Urgent Care Nursing Program

Below are a number of videos and podcasts which are useful resources for nurses working in UCCs and complement the online learning modules.


Various Scenarios in Clinical Reasoning

Clinical reasoning scenario

Clinical reasoning scenario: hypovolaema and dehydration

Example text from a clinical reasoning scenario.

Clinical reasoning scenario: sepsis 

ViCTOR Back to Basics – Taking a closer look at paediatric observations

The ViCTOR Back to Basics (B2B) series of videos, demonstrates how to conduct vital signs in children aged 0 – 18 years. Written, acted and developed by paediatric nurse educators in 2015, these videos are designed for any clinician working with paediatric patients. The videos specifically complement the ViCTOR and ViCTOR Urgent Care charts.


Hot Debriefing After Major Trauma

Debriefing after trauma is an important quality improvement process that allows the team as a whole to reflect on their performance after a high stakes clinical scenario. Dr Luke Phillips, an Emergency Physician at The Alfred Hospital talks to us about the principles of debriefing after a major trauma with a focus on “Hot Debriefing”. Current at time of publication 05/03/2020.

The Undifferentiated Sick Infant

From the Pediatric Emergency Playbook by Tim Horeczko, a practicing emergency physician caring for patients of all ages in both community and academic settings.

BehaviourWorks Australia

We interviewed Dr Breanna Wright, a psychologist and epidemiologist with BehaviourWorks Australia, who works in conjunction with Monash University. Breanna was involved in the ‘Patient Safety Research and Innovation Program’ in collaboration with the VMIA, which investigated interhospital transfers (IHT) and decision factors. Watch the following video which discusses factors that impact and influence rural and regional transfers.

ECG Resources

Einthoven’s Triangle explanation:

The cardiac action potential:

* Additional guidelines will be added as they become available.